Thank You Letter from Rescue Village

We were touched to receive this letter in regards to the donation of pet toys the kids created at the We Care Fair.  Please share it with your kids when you have time!

Dear Caring Cubs

We at Rescue Village are so honored that you made and donated all those wonder bags and toys to our cats! They are wonderful and our cats and kittens will love them! Everything you do helps cats like Gordon, Ellie, Donna, Lulu, Vernon, Lefty and Evander and many, many more!

We like to say “In Kids We Trust” because kids like you are the future, and you are getting a head start at loving animals and treating them with kindness and care.

Come and see us any time and I can give you a special tour so you can see all of the great things donations like yours and those of others make possible.

Thank you so very much! You are AWESOME!


Mary Carney

Humane Education Coordinator and the staff and Animals of Rescue Village